Film Insertion Unit: Used in conjunction with deep profile roof panel

The Film Insertion Unit is an optional part of the Hilleng Deep Profile Laminating System that installs between the Deep Profile Uncoiling Unit and the Deep Profile Rollforming Unit at the head of the laminating line. It is designed to facilitate removal of unwanted core material to allow an overlapping joint needed to join the ends of mating Deep Profile Roof Panels. The unit applies a protective film to the roof panel steel skin which prevents the core material from bonding to the skin.


The Process

  • The film insertion unit applies film to the roof panel steel skin.
  • The steel and core material feeds into the Hilleng Main Press.
  • Adhesive is applied and the steel and core material are bonded in the Main Press.
  • The steel skins are cut with cut-off unit and straight cut saw or 5-position cut saw.
  • The core material is cut using the Coldwire Unit.
  • The panel is unloaded.
  • The unwanted section of panel is removed by producer when required.