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Bradbury equipment sets the standard for rollforming structural steel framing products.

Structural Steel Framing Systems

The combination of the AM400™ Rollformer and the Viper® Punch and Cut unit sets the industry standard for the manufacture of structural steel framing products.

Bradbury Structural Steel Framing rollforming line

Light Gauge/Drywall Structural Steel Framing Systems

Bradbury's Drywall/Light Structural Lines are designed for extreme flexibility. Our standard drywall line will produce sections from 0.018" to 0.035" material and typical web widths up to 6" with a single flange height.

Bradbury light structural steel framing rollforming line

Accessory Steel Framing Systems

Bradbury steel framing accessory roll forming lines come in single profile or rafted designs to accommodate industry-standard or customer-specific profiles in standard material thicknesses. 

Bradbury Group Steel Framing Accessory rollforming line


Bradbury's Viper® rotary punch and shears use proprietary Vertical Approach™ technology and high-speed rotary mechanics.

Bradbury Viper Rotary Punch for steel framing

Stacking Systems

The Bradbury Group has stacking solutions for structural steel framing lines and light gauge drywall studs that can nest, strap, and build master bundles of the finished product.

Bradbury steel framing stacker

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