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Boost Efficiency with a coil car

Coil Handling Equipment - Load uncoilers with ease! Load the coil onto the coil car and use minimal personnel effort as a safer more efficient way to load your uncoiler.
Adding a Bradbury coil car - rated from 10,000 lbs. to 80,000 lbs. - to an uncoiler will allow you to easily and quickly remove and replace coils on your uncoiler.

These can be added to an existing uncoiler or added to your new uncoiler setup! Optional coil keepers are adjustable and can be added to prevent smaller coils from tipping. Coil cars reduce the risk of coil damage stemming from improper handling, and they present a more efficient method for loading coils onto an uncoiler.

10,000 lbs. Coil Cars

Bradbury 10k coil car

20,000 lbs. Coil Cars

20k Coil car  Bradbury

30,000 lbs. Coil Cars

Bradbury 30k coil Car

50,000 lbs. Coil Cars

Bradbury 50K Coil Car

60,000 lbs. Coil Cars

Bradbury 60k coil car

80,000 lbs. Coil Cars

Bradbury 80k Coil Car

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