Bradbury Group Heavy Gauge CTL

Heavy Gauge Cut To Length Lines

The Bradbury Group has been creating heavy-gauge solutions for over 20 years. Whether it is a temper mill line, a stretcher line, or installing a complete CTL line using our patent pending eDrive technology, we can get you up and running. All of our machines are robust in design and made to handle the punishment these lines can deliver. We have many references that are happy to share their experiences. Call us with your requirements – we will offer a solution that enables you to stand out in the marketplace. 

Bradbury Group CTL Capabilities

We do build custom lines outside of these normal limits.                                                  Contact us with your production requirements!


Light Gauge

Medium Gauge

Heavy Gauge

CTL Shear Options

Electronic, Flying & Rotary Shears

Mechanical, Flying & Rotary Shears

Hydraulic & Flying Shears

Max. Thickness




Max. Width




Max. Weight

35 T

40 T

50 T

Max. Speed

525 ft/min

200 ft/min

130 ft/min

Bradbury Heavy Gauge eDrive Leveler Cut-to-Length Line


Bradbury Heavy Gauge


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