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Our patented eDrive® technology employs tension leveling techniques for gauges .010" to 1". With today's laser cutting machines in widespread use, erasing the footprint of internal stresses in flattened metals has become more important than ever. The eDrive® was developed to equalize these internal stresses while delivering superior flatness.

Bradbury roller levelers are in service around the world. Our customers come back again and again for the ease of operation, the repeatability, and the quality of the final product. Call us and let us show you this outstanding technology.

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The patented Bradbury eDrive® system was developed after discovering the mismatch of roll speeds as material makes its way through a leveler. This phenomenon was noticed when torque limiters on the drive shafts of the exit rolls were showing excessive wear as compared to the entry shafts. Further testing revealed that material was actually being forced through levelers from the front. With all leveler rolls of equal diameter and geared the same, material was “bunching up” internally, greatly reducing the stretching process required to equalize material shape. The plunge of the entry rolls has everything to do with yielding the material to a plastic state. Yet when the plunge was increased, the bunching would worsen, and horsepower consumption would increase with little material improvement being gained.

Bradbury research and development has unlocked new potential in an old process. By splitting the gearbox into two independent drive sections, plunge can be increased and the final product significantly improved. We focus specific horsepower to the material at the point of plastification – while the exit side of the gearbox is more concentrated on pulling the material out of the leveler.

Entry view of Bradbury Leveler – with the two independent drive sections of the eDrive® system visible below, followed by Exit view – showing “Process Flat™” metal strip.

Greater yielding of the material allows for more stretch while gaining deeper penetration – eliminating additional internal stresses. This is very important with today's demand for “Stay Flat™” – or what Bradbury has trademarked “Process Flat™” – materials. Better management of horsepower reduces wasted energy and makes the eDrive® eco-friendly and one of the lowest cost systems to operate in the world. We use the same amount of horsepower; however, the computer control constantly monitors what is required while preventing the leveler from overloading. Testing has revealed significant energy savings during the normal run cycle. This results in money savings to you and provides superior control over the flatness of the strip.

Laser-cut parts made from material processed with the eDrive® system.


We have adapted the eDrive to work with all 12 sizes of levelers we now produce. We can also retrofit existing Bradbury roller levelers with this new drive technology. Owners of this rebuild claim that the leveler is easier to operate and produces flatter material. If you currently own a Bradbury leveler, ask us about the eDrive retrofit package. We can refresh the entire leveler and add the new drive/gearbox system at the same time.

Retrofitting a 15-year-old Bradbury Roller Leveler with eDrive®.

eDrive® Heavy Gauge Leveler Video

e•Drive® Testimonials

Lapham-Hickey Steel

“Lapham Hickey Steel has noticed several advantages to running the e•Drive® and Flat Trak® systems. We run a very wide range of products on our line, from .015" to .134" thick, 4" to 72" wide, Hot Roll, Cold Roll, Galvanized, Low Carbon and High Carbon. The end result on the full line of products has been panel flat/laser quality sheets and blanks.

Secondly, our line operators love the e•Drive®. The interface and Flat Trak® system is extremely user friendly. The product is being leveled so consistently by the e•Drive® system that it removes the need for our operators to make adjustments to the leveler when running a coil. This allows them to be much more efficient.

Lastly, and most importantly, our customers love the product. The feedback we have received on the flatness and how the material processes in downstream operations, such as blanking, forming, and welding has been overwhelmingly positive. We have been running the e•Drive® Leveler for over six months now and have not had a single complaint or rejection.”

Brian Hickey
General Manager
Lapham-Hickey Steel



“In November of 2010, my team from ArcelorMittal — Global Research and Development in Metz, France, conducted extensive testing on the new Bradbury e•Drive® at Aceros Dondisch in Mexico City. We determined from data collected during the tests that the neutral axis shifted. After many years of testing around the world, this is the first time we have witnessed this shifting of the neutral axis on a roller leveler without tension bridles.”

Due to the results of the test, ArcelorMittal recently purchased a new leveler from Bradbury to work with higher yield materials. The new leveler will be installed later this year at ArcelorMittal Geel in Belgium.

Olivier Madelaine-Dupuich, PhD
Senior Researcher-Downstream Process
Global Research and Development
Maizières-lès-Metz, France

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