Sitting Lines

Slitting Lines

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The design flexibility enables us to build everything from the simplest to the most sophisticated Cutting lines. We have a wide range of equipment and options:


Max Width: 2600mm
Thickness: 0,1-20mm

Max Speed: 400m/min


  • Flexible Coil Storage
  • Automatic Coil Loading
  • Automatic Threader
  • High Precision Circular Shears
  • Automatic Tooling Change
  • Edge Trimmer
  • Deburring Roller
  • Automatic Loop Control
  • Double Loop System
  • Mobile Tensors
  • Corrective Tensor-Flattener
  • Off-line Strapping System




Light SL-1650x3 HP


Medium SL-1650x6 ST

Light SL-1500x3 ST


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