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As a member of The Bradbury Group, BMTRS brings a collective wealth from the 70-year-old New Zealand metal tile industry and 60 years of Bradbury experience building metal roofing machinery. Let us help you enter the industry or expand your manufacturing business with the latest innovation in metal roofing design and machinery. Bradbury Metal Tile Roofing Solutions was formed to serve the metal tile roofing industry worldwide. We specialize in the manufacturing of equipment to make multiple styles of metal roof tiles and accessories. 

design & manufacture

Bradbury Metal Tile Roofing Solutions (BMTRS) core business is helping our customers design and manufacture their own quality metal or aluminum tiles. We believe that design matters and metal roofing tiles should enhance the visual appearance of any home. We live and breathe metal tiles - specializing in building innovative, multi-functional metal tile production lines and interchangeable dies that are capable of manufacturing different tile profiles and roofing accessories.


Low capital investment option for entry level manufacturing

We work with our customers to solve metal tile production issues by providing innovative equipment solutions

Multi-functional production equipment that minimizes your factory footprint.

The Bradbury Group is committed to providing world-class customer service through our technical departments. 

 Our dedicated design engineers will work with you to design a metal or aluminum tile that meets your market needs. 

BMTRS meets the market's product demands for consistency through precision engineering during all phases of the production process. 

We manufacture reliable equipment to minimize downtime during tile profile changes and maintenance. 


Metal Tile & Shingle Equipment

We offer options for you to start manufacturing your own branded roofing tiles. Discover how we can help with production lines or contract manufacturing.


Bradbury Metal Tile Roofing Equipment

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