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Stackers safely guide cut parts from roll formers and other machines.

The Bradbury Group has solutions for various profiles and production requirements. We provide stacking, auto nesting, strapping, master bundling, packaging and bundle removal for most production lines.


Panel Line Stackers

From simple drop tables to stackers with programmable end stops that can end justify or pyramid stack, the Bradbury Group can offer a solution that fits your roll forming line production rates. An effective stacker can increase line production by freeing the operator to band and package orders, allowing panel production to continue simultaneously.

Bradbury Group Panel Line

Purlin Line Stackers

Supporting part lengths from 6 to 60 feet, and web widths between 4 and 16 inches, the stacker can be operated manually or in full auto mode. With a bundle stack envelope of 30"wide x 31.5" high, the stacker has a maximum bundle weight capacity of 4,400 pounds. The stacker removes parts off of the exit table and stacks them in the required configuration on the bundle table ready for strapping and removal. 

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Decking Stackers

Bradbury decking stackers are a drop arm style and can be configured with a servo controlled end stop for part end justification. Intermediate arms can be added to allow side transfer of finished pack without stopping the line.

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Steel Framing Stackers

The Bradbury Group has stacking solutions for structural steel framing lines and light gauge drywall studs that can nest, strap, and build master bundles of finished product.


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Coil Processing Stackers

The Bradbury Group offers various solutions for stacking products from cut-to-length lines. This includes automatic drop stackers with end stops, air stackers for delicate materials, and double stackers to allow continuous stacking. We also offer banding and packaging lines for slit coils.

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Custom Stacking & Packaging Lines

The Bradbury Group offers a wide range of specialty and custom stackers including; grain bin components, guard rail, insulated panel, and garage door systems.

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