Why the Bradbury Group


Why Bradbury Group?

  • Because what you experience with us matters.
  • Bradbury Group has the most extensive product line offering across multiple industries.
  • Patents – Our commitment to innovation and unique technology makes you money.  Our Research & Development generates an average of one new patent application every year.
  • Service – We have 24 hour personal assistance.  We have over 70 service technicians worldwide.
  • Engineering – We have over 90 engineers on staff. 
  • Project Management – We utilize a complete project management process for each project to successful delivery and commissioning your system.
  • Manufacturing – We have 12 manufacturing sites around the world, 6 in North America, 3 in Europe, 3 in Australasia.  This comprises over 750,000 square ft. (70,000 square meters) of manufacturing space.
  • Sales – We have a Group presence in 17 countries for local connections.
  • Robust Designed Equipment – We average less than 1/2% of structural warranty claims per year.
  • Vendor Partnerships – We partner with top vendors in the OEM marketspace.  Rockwell Automation OEM Partner Company.  Parker Hannifin Guaranteed Parker Partner Company. 
  • Values & Beliefs – We have Eight Values & Beliefs which define who we are and how we operate.  
    1. Integrity: We will act lawfully with integrity, honesty, fairness and with respect for the rights of all others and the world in which we live.
    2. Trust: We will openly listen to our employees and peers to provide an environment which encourages teamwork, ideas, openness, loyalty, and trust.
    3. Personal Improvement: We will seek improvement personally and professionally to perpetuate our intellectual capital and enhance our individual ability to contribute to the success of The Bradbury Group.
    4. Relationships: We will partner with vendors and customers by understanding and building relationships to increase our value added contributions.
    5. Community: We will be a good corporate citizen by supporting our local communities.
    6. Safety: We will provide a safe, well lit, quality work environment providing the setting for individual responsibility, safety, and quality workmanship.
    7. Expectations: We will set high expectations for ourselves and our peers and be willing to take risks and use good judgement in order to more profitably contribute to The Bradbury Group.
    8. Communication: We will challenge thoughts and ideas by communication with respect and thoughtfulness to our team members. 

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