Flat Trak® CL

The Flat Trak®CL monitoring system measures, displays and makes automated adjustments to the leveler!

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Industry-Leading  Innovation

For years, Bradbury hydraulic leveling technology has led the industry in innovation and ease of operation. Now, the creative designers at Bradbury have stepped outside the box once again.

This system is accurate, intuitive and easy to operate. All monitoring is performed before the material is sheared with lower scrap output as a main focus. Discover how it works for one of our customers.  In most cases this system will pay for itself in reduction of scrap costs. 

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The new FlatTrak CL incorporates a laser measurement system to acquire an accurate shape profile. This process happens in real time and is displayed on the operator screen in the form of a three dimensional topographical view. It is also measured in I-Units so that verification of flatness is achieved per ASTM A568.


The new software analyzes the shape of the surface of the material to determine the location of loose material and will offer a suggestion to correct it. Once selected by the operator, the change will adjust the leveler backups and immediate improvement will be seen on the screen. If further adjustment is needed, another suggestion will appear. Once the material is flat within I-Unit standards, the software will continuously monitor shape.

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When the material is determined flat by the operator using FlatTrak, the control can be placed in automatic mode. The system will automatically monitor the surface shape throughout the coil in case a problem occurs. If a problem develops, the software will automatically make adjustments to the leveler for correction.

Less Operator Training

A major focus to the development of FlatTrak CL was to assist new or learning operators with a tool to make correct decisions on problems with the shape of material. This system will also free up your most experienced operator to work on other tasks on your production line. FlatTrak is on duty 24/7 and can relieve fatigue caused by continuously monitoring material shape issues, only notifying the operator in cases of serious defect issues.


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