SRDE6.5 Double Mandrel Uncoiler

SRDE-6.5 Double Mandrel Uncoiler

SRDE-6.5 has a mandrel capacity of 6,500 lbs making it a great option for narrow coils.  This uncoiler is capable of running at various speeds up to but not limited to 500 ft. per min.  As with all of the double mandrel uncoilers production will increase and changeover time will decrease!  The double mandrel uncoilers are the best option to keep your line producing product with very little downtime.

Common features include:

  • Powered Mandrel Expansion
  • Powered traverse shift to line up coil with machine in feeder
  • Manual Slewing / Rotation of the Uncoiler
  • Optional: Powered pay-off with Loop arm speed control
  • Tight loop prevention - Has the ability to shut the line down in the event of tight loop
  • Feeding your roll former at speeds of 500 feet per min.

This uncoiler can be supplied as a stand alone retro fit on your existing line, or incorporated with a new Bradbury roll forming line.

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