Garage Slat

Bradbury roll forming equipment produces Rolling Door Slats in a variety of materials, including painted steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Rolling Door Slats can be formed into a wide range of shapes, such as flat slats, clamshell slats, curved slats, and back-skin slats, to name just a few. Slats may be insulated and fabricated to interlock into each other for use in fire doors, air seal doors, and counter shutters. Gauge ranges from 26-gauge to 16-gauge are common. Post cutting allows any length from walk-through roll-up doors to 30-foot wide commercial doors. In-line punching is a frequently chosen option. Bradbury also provides manufacturing equipment for curtain door panels, rolling door guides, and guide assemblies – complete with wear strips – to complement your manufacturing requirements.


Door Slat

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