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Continuous Sandwich Panel Lines

The Bradbury Group can supply complete, continuous, polyurethane-filled panel production lines from entry coil handling to exit-end packaging. Whether for the garage door market, commercial buildings, or the HVAC industry, Bradbury can meet your specific needs. We will work closely with your chemical company to provide the best solution for your final product and one that meets your LEED Certification requirements. Lines that utilize EPS and mineral wool batts can be provided through our Bradbury Group Australia division.

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Bradbury Group Pu.Ma. Sandwich Panel Production Line

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Hilleng main press

Bradbury and Hilleng have played leading roles in the establishment and growth of the panel laminating industry around the world. Now part of Bradbury Australia, Hilleng has manufactured and supplied Panel Laminating Lines to more than 38 countries worldwide.

Hilleng International's Continuous Insulating Panel Laminating System

Hilleng Main Press

Hilleng 5 Position Cut-Off Unit

Hilleng Coldwire Unit

Hilleng Deep Profile Roof & Decoiling

Hilleng EPS Loader

Hilleng Film Insertion Unit

Hilleng Mineral Wool Loader

Hilleng Spray Glue Unit

Hilleng Stretch Wrapper & Conveyor

Bradbury Group Australia Panel Laminating System


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