SRDE50 Uncoiler Double Mandrel

SRDE-50 Double Mandrel Uncoiler

Our SRDE-50 Double Mandrel Uncoiler has a weight capacity of 50,000 lbs. per mandrel! 

Common features include:

  • Powered Mandrel Expansion
  • Powered traverse shift to line up coil with machine in feeder
  • Manual Slewing / Rotation of the Uncoiler
  • Optional: Powered pay-off with Loop arm speed control
  • Optional: Overarm to assist in thread up and wrapping of heavy gauge coils
  • Tight loop prevention - Has the ability to shut the line down in the event of tight loop

This uncoiler can be supplied as a stand alone retro fit on your existing line, or incorporated with a new Bradbury roll forming line.

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