Hilleng Glue Unit

Spray Glue System for Laminating Lines

Our new Low-Pressure, Self-Cleaning Spray Glue System can be tailored to most Laminated Sandwich Panel Lines - regardless of manufacturer. Unique design delivers a precise component mix of 2 Part Polyurethane Adhesive in a variable volume range from 240 grams/minute to 1,540 grams/minute. Spray heads are operator adjustable and can be customized for panel line fit and tight clearances.

Key Advantages of the patent-pendingHilleng Spray Glue System...

  • Maintains set adhesive volume and auto adjusts for line speed.
  • Eliminates guesswork and applies correct volume of adhesive for huge cost savings.
  • Self-purging, permanently primed, and ready to start from line control console.
  • Low-pressure operation prevents visible misting and resulting line contamination.
  • Static mixer accurately mixes adhesive components.
  • Superior lamination from precisely measured and evenly applied adhesive.
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