Hilleng Stretch Wrapper

Hilleng Stretch Wrapper & Conveyor

Our new Stretch Wrapper and Conveyor System is ideally suited to panel stacking applications and offers enhanced flexibility for wrapping short stacks.

Once the new system has conveyed an end-wrapped stack of panels into position, the operator activates the stretch wrapping cycle. The stack moves to the spiral wrapper assembly where pre-stretched film is applied. The Stretch Wrapper Ring, to which the plastic film is mounted, rotates around the whole stack, including packing materials. When the whole pack has been fully wrapped, it continues on another conveyor to an unloading area where it can be removed by forklift.

Key Features of the New HillengStretch Wrapper System...

  • Three conveyors transport panels from infeed to wrapping to unloading area.
  • Optional wooden or steel slats on outfeed conveyor.
  • Geared rollers pre-stretch film to ensure a tight wrap without misaligning panels.
  • Improved roller table keeps film at proper tension.
  • Spiral Wrapper is height-adjustable to enable the wrapping of small panel packs.
  • Automatic priming and cut-off of the film speeds processing.
  • Optional dunnage insertion under stacked bundle.
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