• Capacity: 12,000 lb and 49.5 inch wide coils
  • Cantilevered full-width mandrel with hydraulic expansion
  • Loop arm speed control with hydraulic drive
  • Self Contained Hydraulic Power Unit

Recoilers/Tension Stand

  • 10,000 lbs Capacity
  • Pneumatic air bladder type tension pad
  • Strip dividers with scales for simple positioning
  • Manual cross cut shear mounted to exit end of tension stand
  • Pusher arm assembly to assist in removal of slitted coils
  • Loop arm for speed control – Frequency inverter drive
  • Manual counterbalanced overarm separator
  • Jog pendant controller with forward and reverse control
  • Manual and automatic modes for thread-up and run mode
  • Cantilevered mandrel with powered expansion
  • Recoiler expansion range – 19” – 20”
  • Designed to use 1/2” cardboard cores with 20” ID


Panther Cub II Slit-CTL-and Recoil Line

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