Product Description:

  • Notch, Punch, and Cut-off Die on Aluminum Plates
  • Servo Drive Assembly with Alpha Gear Reducer
  • Encoder bracket and Overrun Clutch
  • Short Part Conveyor Belts
  • Variable Speed Drive


  • Servo accelerated Punch/Notch & Shear Die allows for close coupling with Rollformer minimizing floor space requirements
  • Entry cascade with individually adjusted lead-in guide
  • Entry straightener with pinch rolls
  • Punching, Notching, and Shearing for variable width panel sections
  • Material does not stop for Punching/Notching & Shearing, the result is greater net output of finished product
  • Integrated slug capture tray (bin by customer)
  • Dual timing belt, servo acceleration system
  • Two operations in one acceleration move


Standing Seam Roof Panel Line

Material Pre-Painted, Galvalume, & Galvanized CRS
Material Strength SSR 70,000 PSI Yield Maximum (Grade “D”)
50,000 PSI Yield Minimum (Grade “D”)
Material Strength Building Panel 80,000 PSI Yield Minimum (Grade “E”)
50,000 PSI Yield Minimum (Grade “D”)
Thickness SSR .030" Maximum, .018" Minimum
22 - 26 Gauge (approximately)
Thickness Building Panel .035" Maximum, .017 Minimum
22 - 29 Gauge (approximately)
Rollformer Speed 50 to 200 FPM Variable Speed
Mode of Operation Flying Prepunch/Prenotch/Precut
Cut Length - Precut 42" Minimum CTL @ 100 FPM
6' Minimum CTL @ 1200 FPM
100 FPM Maximum for Punch/Notch/Cutoff
Length Tolerance +/- 1/8" @ 50' length @ 200 FPM

Flying Hydraulic Punch / Notch Shear Technical Data

Includes shear and punch / notch units. Mounting holes and slug clearance for lead/trail hole punching included. Punch / notch and cutoff die (48" capable).

Cutoff Mounted on shear bolster
Hydraulic System Dedicated hydraulic power unit
Panel Capacity 48" total blade width
Speed 200 FPM maximum speed – Cut Only
100 FPM maximum speed – Notch and Cut
Cycle Rate 20 Cuts per minute maximum punch for Cut Only
10 cuts per minute maximum for punch / notch one end and cut
Cut Length without Notch 40" Minimum, 10' (and longer) @ 200 FPM
Length Tolerance +/- 1/8"
Passline 42" Nominal


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