SRSM-50 Single Mandrel Uncoiler

SRSM-50 Single Mandrel Uncoiler

The SRSM-50 Single Mandrel Uncoiler offers 50,000 lb. capacity equating to our "Heavy Duty Uncoilers".  If your production requires the use of heavy coils, we have an option for you!

Common features include:

  • Powered Mandrel Expansion
  • Loop arm speed control
  • Tight loop prevention - Has the ability to shut the line down in the event of tight loop
  • Multiple mandrel widths for narrow or wide production lines
  • Optional: Powered overarm to aide thread-up and rewrap of heavier gauge material

This uncoiler can be supplied as a stand alone retro fit on your existing line, or incorporated with a new Bradbury roll forming line.


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