Hayes International

PO Box 613
Rotorua, New Zealand
Ph: +64-7-343-6190
Fax: +64-7-343-1943 
E-mail: sales@hayesint.co.nz
Web Site: www.hayesint.co.nz

Hayes International

For more than 55 years and in over 85 countries, Hayes know-how and innovation have assisted both major corporations and new manufacturers alike in developing and manufacturing superior metal building products. We specialize in the design and manufacture of machinery for the production of roofing and wall cladding profiles, structural sections such as CEE and ZEE purlins, and other related metalworking equipment.

Working to ISO9001 standards, the internationally recognized quality management system, we have achieved a global reputation for proven performance and excellence in the engineering and production of our rollforming machinery.

Approximately 85

Manufacturing Space
Approximately 50,000 square feet in New Zealand - approximately 6,000 square feet in Australia

Office Space
Approximately 5,000 square feet

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