Aluminum USA 



The Bradbury Group, combining the expertise and experience of The Bradbury Co., Inc. and Athader, S.L., produces high-quality, productivity-enhancing, coil processing equipment consisting of Slitting, Blanking, Cut-to-Length Lines, Slit and CTL Packaging Lines, and the patented Bradbury e-Drive® Leveler. The Bradbury Leveling System continues to evolve by offering the industry the most up to date leveling technology available including e-Drive®, Bow Scout® Coil Set Monitoring System with automatic adjustment capabilities, Yield Finder™, and the Flat Trak® CL Monitoring System with automatic Leveler adjust capability. 

Alliance Machine and Engraving is a global supplier of metal embossing machinery and engraved hardened steel embossing roll sets. Alliance offers on-site etching and mechanical services, pattern development and analysis. Alliance also manufactures a full line of calenders, embossers, and thermo-bonders for the nonwoven, film, foil, paper, rigid extruded plastic, and composite lumber industries. 



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