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QTR™ Purlin Rollformer

The QTR™ forms both Cee and Zee sections in a single roll space. You save footprint and setup time. In addition, the QTR™ turns out U-channel, base angles, and integrated eave sections. Innovative features increase section control and quality, reduce labor, and contribute to operator safety

QTR™ Purlin Line Testimonial: Duggan Profiles and Steel Service Center

“When we were looking to purchase a new purlin line, our main objectives were to produce a quality roll-formed product from Sigma to Cee sections facilitating all punching and notching details that our customers require; to have a flexible line that would enable us to reduce lead time from order time to delivery time; to link our production line to the customer’s CAD software therefore reducing large amounts of repetitive administration and errors that can be associated with double-entry of orders; and to have the capacity to roll high grade steel from 1.2 mm to 3.2 mm material thickness."

“The Bradbury line has performed to the high expectations we had set out in our specification. We are confident to meet the demands of our customers; the Bradbury line has given us that assurance. The quality of the finished product is excellent, the throughput is excellent, and down time is very minimal."

“With the Bradbury line now fully tested and commissioned, Duggan Profiles now has the ability to reach out to architects and designers with confidence. It allows us to offer our customers a top of the range service, with the ability to download directly from the customer's CAD files. The Bradbury Line allows us to supply quality purlin and Cee sections to our customer base by incorporating the most common round hole sizes, slotted holes, service holes, notching, and individual part identification marking.”

Michael Egan 
Managing Director
Duggan Profiles & Steel Service Center Ltd.
Dublin Road, Kilkenny, Ireland

VTR™ Purlin Rollformer

The manual version of our highly successful QTR™ is now available. The VTR™ incorporates the proven Bradbury Cee/Zee/U-Channel/Angle/Eave combination tooling with manual changeover to offer the industry a reliable and even more economical purlin roll former. The VTR™ can produce 1:12 to 4:12 double slope eaves with 5" maximum flanges in a 12 to 18 gauge range with maximum 14" webs. The Bradbury VTR™ Rollformer can be incorporated with a punching system to supply all of a building's secondary structures.

Bardie Cartridge™ Option

The Bardie Cartridge™ System preloads and sets the roll tooling gap allowing for automatic gauge thickness changes. This unique system is available not only on the main drive passes, but also on intermediate forming fixtures.

Hayes International

Quick Change™ C & Z Purlin Lines

These versatile units are designed to produce C, Z, or Plain Channels from black and galvanized, or painted stock. The patented Hayes Quick Change™ System allows operators to make size, profile, and even gauge changes without removing tooling or spacers. To change from C to Z, operators simply rotate the adjustable tooling 180 degrees. You can produce any size purlin that is within machine range. Standard equipment includes a dual-arm uncoiler, pre-cut hydraulic shear, variable-speed drive, automated anti-flare correction, and Beck Controller.





QTR Purlin Rollforming Line


QTR Purlin Rollforming Line 2

Hayes Quick Change QC300 Purlin Line

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